The Benefits of an Indoor/Outdoor Dog Daycare

Our Pooches love being able to play outside as much as they want. Our indoor playrooms are also climate controlled. Every Pooch has access to go inside and outside all day! Not many people understand the benefits of having both indoor and outdoor play time. Our goal is to provide the best environment for each and every Pooch!

Outdoor Benefits:

  • Fresh Air (breathe in that outdoor scent)
  • Sunshine (it just relaxes every pooch! It’s a sunbathers favorite thing)
  • Trees (there are lots of birds and squirrels to try to catch!)
  • Good Natural Smells (nature has a way of making you feel calm doesn’t it?)
  • Splash Pools (who doesn’t like to play in the water?!)
  • REAL GRASS! (we can’t even begin to count how many Pooches love to roll on grass)
  • Space (having over an acre provides an area big enough for Pooches to run)


Indoor Benefits:

  • Climate Controlled Environment (sometimes the temperature outside can be too much)
  • A place to stay dry in case of rain (its Florida, its rains…)
  • Bedding is provided (Pooches need a breaks too)
  • Sometimes a Pooch wants to hang out inside (and that’s O.K.)
  • Music (classical music is provided to soothe their souls)

First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

We have decided to start a blog to help in keeping our customers up to date on happenings here at the Pooches Playhouse and providing information for new customers.

We are looking forward to sharing information and fun ideas with you all. Please check back occasionally to see any updates as we post.

How to make your Pooch feel more comfortable while boarding.

Bring your Pooch to visit!

Your Pooch will feel much more at ease with us and all the other Pooches they will be around if you bring them to visit a few times for daycare before boarding begins.

Items to bring along:

  • Own Food & Treats – Even though we provide in house food, we highly recommend bringing the food your Pooch is currently on. This is to prevent any upset stomach due to a sudden change in diet.
  • Something that smells like home i.e. Bed, favorite blanket, or mom & dads t-shirt – We provide bedding for each Pooch. However, having an additional item that smells like home at night time tuck in can put your Pooch at ease.
  • Toys – One or two toys can make all the difference in making your Pooch feel at home.
  • Medications – Please bring any and all medications your Pooch will need during their stay. We administer medication at no extra cost.
  • Updated emergency contact – Even though we keep all information on file, due to changes you may have, we want to keep an update for emergencies.

Things to avoid:

  • No rawhides – They have a potential to cause choking.
  • Bowls & Crates – We provide all items needed during boarding.
  • Bedding that cannot be washed – Due to Pooches being able to have food & water in their crate, spills may happen. We make sure the bedding you bring is clean for going home.
  • Small items that could cause choking – Although we recommend you bring toys for your Pooch, please avoid small items your Pooch could possibly swallow.